Annnddddd Here we go again…

My current thing to go on about revolves around this business of the current issue of the offensiveness of a bunch of washed up has-beens yapping on about a beauty pageant contestant that got up in scrubs and related some touchingly honest truth about being a nurse. Her from-the-heart statements describing nursing as a talent hit very close to home. You see, i am a nurse and i am proud of what I do and what i am. I have also had a slew of health issues my self and have been cared for by some truly awesome nurses, many of whom were unaware that I was one of them too. I say that to point out that these folks took great care of me because I was a human being and a patient, not because I too was a nurse. But I digress. Nursing is indeed a talent, regardless of what a group of pseudo-celebrities think.

It has been plastered all over the news and the internet about how insulting the statements made were and how wonderful it is that nurses have banded together in defense of one of their own. Don’t get me wrong, in a profession that is sadly reputed for eating its young, it is good to see us banding together in support of one of our own. However (and this is where I may piss off some people) I think we should consider the fact that the people of The View have proven themselves to be the catty , nasty overly opinionated group of cackling hens that they are. I say this at the behest of being accused of name calling, which is really just as bad as what started this. What with several companies pulling their sponsorship from this show over this issue, i think it is very clear what the American public thinks of what these people have said.

The View has additionally made themselves look even worse by issuing a half-ass apology that was meaningless and presumptive that their viewers (if there are even any left) are drooling morons. It is glaringly obvious that that apology was only done as an attempt at some sort of damage control.

That being said, my opinion as to what to do going forward is to ignore these people. They thrive on attention (even negative attention, not unlike a little kid). The more media coverage they get, the more fires are lit about this. Like many irritants in society, stop giving them attention and they will go away. i am pretty sure the show’s ratings are now in the sewer anyway. i think that we (the television watching public and the advertisers) have made our point. Now we need to be the adults in this situation. We need to hold our head high and walk away. The more we howl about this, the more we act all butt-hurt by what a bunch of silly, washed up talking heads say, the more we come down to their level. We as nurses and adults need to step away from this controversy, hold our heads high and be the educated, caring proud professionals that we are.

Few, if any of us went into this field for the glory and the publicity. We nurses do not need a bunch of whoever fawning all over us telling us how wonderful we are. We are better than that. I prefer my accolades to come in the form of a thank you from patients or from just plain knowing that I made someone’s life a little better even if just for a moment, even if they don’t know i was there.Even if i am only remembered as the warm hand in thiers as they go off to sleep for surgery or the calming voice as they wake up, i can be more proud of my accomplishments as a nurse than Joy whoever she is will ever be for yammering on about ultimately inconsequential garbage.

Finally in closing, i have never had much patience for these type of “talk shows.” I find the idea of watching a bunch of people sit around a table and blather on about miscellaneous whatever really quite irritating. Admittedly I have never watched “The View” or “The Chew” or any of the other pathetic excuses for daytime television and now I know why.

Human here…

Hi world, I am the person with thumbs behind the blog. Contrary to what Henry (AKA The CAT) says, *I* do not blather on. What I have to say is actually quite important, at least to me. Henry, however, like most cats, has a fairly low opinion of anything that does not involve catnip, food, napping, or leaving a steamer in the litter pan right after its been cleaned. Evil little brat. I tell him he’s lucky he’s cute about 20 times a day.

So onto all my thoughts that are fit to print (and some that probably may not be)…..

A lot of what I have been seeing in the news as of late swirls (not unlike a flushing toilet) around the politics of this country (the US). I frankly am embarrassed for us. To the rest of the world, we must collectively look like the biggest fools. We get Trump blowing hot air and whining like a child over the Republicans not embracing him as the end all be all savior of American government and then there are the rest of the GOP candidates. I’ve lost track of how many of them are trying to run. All of them seem to be pretty much cut from the same cloth. IMHO, they all seem to be the screaming, bellowing pseudo Christian-type that claim that this is a Christian country. If any of them would bother to actually read up on our history, they would find out that the opposite is actually true. We were founded on the idea of freedom from religion. Not that practicing any religion is a bad thing, certainly not. Pushing what you believe in onto me however is. Is that not kind of like the Sharia Law that so many of them claim will never be implemented here? Just saying.

I honestly am having a hard time respecting much out of this circus. I will vote because I am grateful for having the privilege to do so, but I am afraid that whoever eventually gets elected will simply be whoever’s clown car gets to the finish line first.

I happen to be registered Independent, not because I have any preference of one party over the other, but simply because at the time I chose an affiliation, I had a pretty low opinion of the both sides. So that being said, I am neither staunch Democrat or Republican. It seems like those are just names anyhow and the true meaning of what those parties originally stood for has long since been lost in the bowels of the political money machine.

Over the recent years of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, I have observed many on the Republican side screeching like banshees for the repeal of this act. While yes, they (by this I mean the collective “they”) of the Republican side have the right to have that opinion, I am seeing two things. One, the screams for repeal seem to be rooted in the obvious hate of Obama. The other thing is that not a single one of them seemed to be able to come up with an alternative. The ACA may not be the best thing on the planet, and as a person who obtains her health insurance through the bolloxed up thing called the Marketplace, I can say a few things. Yes it is expensive. Yes it is downright infuriating to have to deal with poorly trained customer reps and yes, it involves some of the stupidest particulars I have ever seen. BUT, I also have insurance and while I was unemployed, I was able to keep some damn good coverage. The screamers, I think fail to realize that for people like me, who absolutely must have access to care, a return to the old days of insurance companies refusing to cover me, no matter how much I pay because I have the misfortune of being ill, and the days of enduring employment at a job you despise solely because you need the benefits, the ACA is a godsend. it’s not perfect, not by a longshot, but it’s better than what we had before. Are there still people with crappy coverage or no coverage? Yes. Is that number drastically lower than ever before. An unequivocal yes!

Obama is definitely not the second coming of the Messiah. He’s pulled some boneheaded moves, I agree. But contrary to what the GOP bellows about, it is not all bad. It’s not like any of them are any better.

Granted the issues in point here only scratch the surface and I am by no means well schooled in the vagaries of politics, but I think my observations are what is obvious to the American Joe Public. Instead of educated professional news coverage of the on-goings in Washington, we get the slanted, overly opinionated talking heads of Fox, CNN and the rest. I’m so tired of that crap, I get a headache just thinking about it. I can assure you that I tuned out that garbage a long time ago.

The last thing I’ve got to say, is if this is an example of the face that we show to the rest of the planet, it is no wonder that we are fast becoming (if not already) the laughing stock of modern humanity. That, people, makes me very sad.

Until the next time I feel the need to vent….

Hello world!

Well, to get started we will answer a few questions

1. Are you really a cat?


2. And you can type?

No, not really. I have my human wrapped around my paw. I dictate and she types.

3. So what are you going to talk about and why should I visit your blog?

Sometimes I will talk about the things in the world that interest me and sometimes I will turn it over to the human to blather on about whatever it is that is getting her fur matted at the moment. I apologize in advance for that stuff, but its part of the price I pay to get any access to the interwebz (and her Amazon Prime).